Simple and Powerful & Creative

A creative music studio for the last 25 years.

Song writing

Fresh and good songs for artists. Custom created and composed and produced

Music Production

Professional produced and recorded custom made music productions.

Studio vocals

Roel is a professional studio singer, who has sung over 4000 songs for Radio, Broadcast, Jingles, background choirs and karaoketracks.

Studio Productions

Cut a demo

We can produce a live played or midi programmed demo of your idears. A rough but good produced demo or your idear for a song or music piece.

Custom Music Production

Let us re-create or compose a new music production, tailor made to your needs. Live musicians, professional midi programming, vocals and mixdown with editing and tuning. So you'll have a high music production. * Original new music * Re-create old recorded music * Custom backingtracks & karaoke * Radio and TV music

Professional vocalist

As said earlier, Roel Bloks has recorded over 4000 vocal projects the last 25 years. His wide diversity and multi tembre in his voice has resulted in a broad range of productions. From Soul to Rock, semi- clasical, jazz, country, hiphop, metal. As a sound a like or as a lead vocal for commercials.

Total of

Get more done

We work and have worked with a lot of professional studio musicians all over the world. Currently we have created a steady crew of proffesional and skilled musicians who are working at the top of the industry. The Voice Of Holland, Germany, UK, Brazil, US, Heineke, Idols, Starmaker, Marco Borsato, Armin van Buren, Tom Jones are a couple of shows and artists these musicians work with. “And they could be on your song productions once you order and work with us. ”

Also because we have a proven workflow we can provide music and productions on a regular and fast base.


Make your choice for a plan that works for you.


  • Midi Programmed Drums & Bas
  • Midi Programmed Keybords
  • Live played guitars
  • Live background vocal
  • Addition recorded tracks (€25) per track
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  • Live Played Drums & Bass
  • Live Played and Midi Recorded Keybords
  • Live Played Guitars (up to 6 tracks)
  • Live Vocals (Male & Female)
  • Adition Recorded Tracks (25€) Per Track
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  • Live Played Drums & Bas
  • Live Played and Midi Recorded Keybords
  • Live Played Guitars (up to 8 tracks)
  • Live Vocals (Male & 2 Females)
  • Live Brass Section or Live Played Stringsection
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