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M.I.S (Missing instrument service)

Enhancing Existing Productions with Custom Live Instruments

Are you seeking to enhance an existing musical production? Look no further! Our Missing Instrument Service (M.I.S.) offers custom-recorded instruments that seamlessly integrate into your musical piece or studio project. Whether you’re working on a project studio or an individual endeavor, our audio tracks cover a wide range of instruments:

  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Guitars
  • Strings
  • Brass
  • Steel Guitars
  • Vocals
  • Hammond Organs
  • Rhodes Pianos
  • Wurlitzers

Experience the magic of live instruments in your music—a cost-effective solution that elevates your sound. 🎶🎹🎸 #atliveinstrumentstoyoursong #customliveinstrumentstems #liveinstrumentsrecordings

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